OsProjectz – A fast growing platform for Freelancers and Employers

ospfbcoverHi there,

We introduce ourselves as one of the fast growing facility for Software Freelancers and Clients.

In today’s world of stiff competition, getting a good job and clients is a challenge and It is equally difficult for a client to get a skilled, talented and honest freelancer.

Nothing to worry, we help you find one. If you are an Individual Freelancer or a Team or a Startup Company with any skills like Software Programming, Designing, Technical Writing, Managing team and project, etc. and If you are confident enough to use them successfully to deliver expected results, then Sign Up with us and Start working. OsProjectz provides you a platform where you can promote and sell your skills as Freelancer and Clients can hire most talented and skilled freelancers to work on their project. Browse through best suiting person or team from any part of the world for your project and get them aboard and immediately start a virtual office.

At the moment, good news is, Projects have started flowing in, check them out and see which ones suits your skill set, apply to them, get hired, get paid.

And if you are a Client and looking for someone great to work on your dream project(s), finding and hiring a talented, skilled and genuine employee is like a breeze on OsProjectz. Start a virtual office with people from around the globe, who are technically sound to tackle your office work requirements. Building a virtual office is now a trend, since it allows you to shorten your budget of opening a premise, making sitting arrangements, power bills, internet bills, immigrating a person from his native to your place and many more points to consider.

Just hire a person or a team, make a deal, get the work done, pay the bills and you are done. You don’t have to pay anything after your project is done, unless you want that person to work for you further. OsProjectz is now getting into a wide collection of talented Freelancers & Companies who are waiting to work with you. If you are looking to employ someone for long term, we will help you find the best person, to team up with. Get someone who can match with your Timezone, Budget, Communicate well and who can clearly understand and is capable to make it happen for your project. Addition to that, we respect this kind of long term relationship and we offer discounts on overall cost of the project.

Do not miss this great opportunity to join us at the early stages of our start-up. We are a team of energetic, innovative and talented people, passionate to build a top-notch platform to facilitate the process of hiring or being hired. We promise, to keep you updated about our new projects, new features, offers, discounts, any new associations, new requirements from time to time. We also promise, to be with you, at any given point of time, to make each project succeed and attract clients for life time. We abide to keep OsProjectz growing technically to be ahead of times and give best service to everyone registered with us.

And all this is very easy. Just Sign Up with OsProjectz.com. It’s Free! 🙂
Our Features:
• Wide Range of Freelancers and Clients
• Single account for Client and Employer
• Long Term Contracts
• Intellectual Property Protection
• Time Check
• Fixed or Hourly Contracts
• Fair Deals
• Privacy Protection
• Custom Support
• Custom Plans for Corporate Clients
and many more…

We are always there to help you:
For additional information and help about getting started, Click here for How It Works & F.A.Q and feel free to contact us.



Freelancing – A Career with opportunities to grow on self

If you are having any skills that can be useful for any community on this globe you can earn your livelihood and even you can live a prestigious life becoming your own Bossss..!! Yes, it’s true. This is not a new thing I am telling. This is Freelancing.

There are very few people who might not know about Freelancing as a Career. In today’s world where everyone wants job, it’s fact that everyone wants to get some work done which is not a part of their expertise. This is where give and take happens and everyone can earn equally as well.

If you Google up you will see that there are a lot of sites available for freelancers to start-up with, but it’s important to get introduced at right place with bright opportunities. Obviously, competition is here too, but it doesn’t mean that you have less chance. It matters on quality of your work and how you search for right opportunities with patience is a vital part.

So keeping my post short for beginners, I would suggest don’t lose hope, keep searching, keep applying, keep subscribing and keep yourself actively working. There is always a new chance like OsProjectz is giving to every individual. Just go, subscribe and try your luck. And I am sure you will not get disappointed.