TimezDB.com Free API for World Time Zone – An Introduction

Hi there,

Just thought of introduction and make you aware about what is TimezDB.com and what they do. In today’s world API services are becoming a backbone of all the electronically intelligent devices, be it a PC, Tablet, Phone, GPS device or any other smart electronic thing you see around. Each of these device show various kinds of information which it fetches from different API servers. TimezDB.com, is one of them. They provide information about Country, City, Area, Latitude, Longitude, Current time of that geographical location around the World.

TimezDB API service is REST based and gives out queried information in two formats i.e. XML and JSON. It has a set of Time zone functions, which your device can access and render information on its User Interface. Since it is an Online service, you can integrate your web application or desktop application using CURL or direct HTTP access.

TimezDB’s API has largest and precise database of world geographical locations. The team pledge and abide to keep the database upto date according to international governance of Time Zones and related information as and when, any amendment is introduced.

For your easy reference, TimezDB.com have documented the usage of API which you can easily integrate in the language of your choice, be it PHP, ASP, .NET, Javascript, Java, etc.

TimezDB’s API service is completely free, but with limited amount (250 requests/day) of access on free account to which, you can Sign Up from here. If your volume of access to API is more, then there is a very minimal charge per month, to make your account free of API access volume restrictions. At any given point of time, if you feel, that you don’t need the services, you can immediately stop using paid services, but your free account will continue to live.

Contact TimezDB.com

Contact and subscribe to Timezdb. With whatever updates we have for you, we will keep you posted. The updates can be anything, like, Additions or changes in our database, If any new API function is launched, If we have any new product in our showcase. But that doesn’t mean, we will keep spamming your mail box. Instead we will send you newsletters only when we really have something for you.

Thank you
TimezDB Team


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